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Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services

The Enterprise Mobility Solution Designed for a Cloud-first, Mobile-first World

With the widespread use of smartphones and the modern workforce’s increased data consumption via mobile devices, it’s only natural to think of mobility as a key component in implementing a cloud strategy. To decrease development costs and time to deliver the app to their mobile workforce, businesses need a reliable way to cloud-enable their existing Windows apps.

Azure RemoteApp is a fantastic method to connect existing enterprise apps to enterprise mobility on the Microsoft Azure cloud. RemoteApp allows any app running on Windows Server 2012 R2 to be made available on several devices, while Azure delivers IT infrastructure with scalability and dependability. IT administrators benefit from its ease of use, scalability, and ease of maintenance.

One of the critical reasons that make Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services a go-to option for organizations on the path to modernization is Microsoft’s constant enhancement to keep its products current and ahead of the curve.

APPS 365 which specializes in Enterprise Mobility Solutions on Microsoft Azure strives for excellence when it comes to providing unique solutions to enterprises. We have partnered with Microsoft’s strategic partner (PSSPL) and we provide mobility solutions and strategically deploy them.

Our Diverse Range of Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services

In today’s workplaces, where BYOD scenarios are gaining steam, EMS is the need of the hour. Your IT administrators can finally close the gap between a great user experience, unrivaled productivity, and top-notch security, data security, and risk mitigation.

APPS 365’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) platform, a cloud-based product powered by Microsoft, is at the forefront of mobility implementations, bringing together useful individual solutions in a low-cost suite that can be licensed in bulk or per user.

Our system combines Identity and Access Management (IAM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Device Management (MDM) into a value-added set of threat prevention and information security components.

We provide the following Microsoft Azure enterprise mobility services:

  • Azure RemoteApp services
  • Windows Intune support services
  • Azure Rights Management support services
  • Azure support plans services

So what are you waiting for?

Connect with Us if you wish to reap the benefits of mobility while maintaining uptime and scalability. Our Microsoft Azure and enterprise mobility experts will assist you in achieving your cloud and mobility objectives.

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Significance of Cloud & Mobility for business growth

Enterprise mobility has the potential to be a game-changer now and in the future. Whether it’s a smartphone, a notebook or a tablet, today’s global workforce, and even consumers are all connected by some type of mobile device. As a result, cross-platform and native mobile applications play an essential role in the industry.

However, a robust backend system that connects mobile apps to the Cloud is required to provide real-time communication for online and offline data synchronization, remote monitoring, real-time analytics, and push alerts. A mobile backend system (MBaaS) provides a variety of backend capabilities to support fully functional mobile apps by connecting them to cloud storage and data processing services.

As a result of the convergence of cloud and mobility, cloud-based corporate mobility solutions are now available, allowing organizations, customers, on-site business managers, field workforces, and technicians to access real-time business data, analytics, and reports. This further helps the organizations to actively harness data that drives improved decision making in business and to serve their consumers better.

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Why Choose Us

APPS 365 is one of the renowned Microsoft Technologies-based boutiques in UK. We aim to help our customers improve business productivity by rendering help in their digital transformation journey and provide solutions that help enhance extensive, feature-rich association, and custom workflows throughout your organization.

  • Quality Services & Solutions

We believe in excellence in whatever we do. To give our clients the best services and solutions, our efforts are well guided by our defined global standards in quality management.

  • On-time Delivery

We believe in on-time delivery of the project. We have successfully delivered; even with tight deadlines and even if it’s on short notice.

  • Secure Development

We ensure end-to-end data security, scalability, and migration to develop flexible cloud-based solutions and applications. We adhere to all the data compliances and data security laws. We deliver secure solutions ensuring a smooth transfer of information, confidential/private or otherwise.

  • Fastest Turnaround Time

With a bouquet of versatile professionals, we promise you the fastest turnaround time.

  • Cutting-edge Technologies and Agile Process

Our domain expertise surpasses all boundaries and we are at the forefront of digital transformation in Web, Mobile, and Cloud technologies. We deliver innovative and intelligent solutions. Our agile process-driven approach ensures effectiveness and competence for the definitive transformation of the business.

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