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SharePoint Migration


If you are highly unsatisfied with your current collaboration setup and disorganized document management system then migration to SharePoint with the best migration partner is the only solution. CIRRUS SOFT has a proven track record in SharePoint migration methodology and our framework is designed to focus on addressing our client’s pain points and to help them achieve their business motives.

Migration of SharePoint solutions to newer versions or the cloud or the platform or 3rd-party solutions to SharePoint aids in boosting productivity, upgrading the features, and save huge on the company’s digital workplace. There may be many such reasons but the most vital reason to migrate is that OneDrive and SharePoint work seamlessly and securely with Microsoft Teams, the digital hub for teamwork that over 115 million daily users rely on to connect and collaborate. 

We specialize in migrating data, files from other platforms like Google and Dropbox to SharePoint as well as upgrading from older versions of SharePoint. We map client’s business needs to match and exceed their objectives.

Benefits of SharePoint Migration

Let’s now learn some of the notable benefits of SharePoint migration.

  • Designing strategy and SharePoint migration scheduling
  • Perfect migration tool for your requirements
  • Backup along with the content amalgamation
  • Perfect testing before deploying and migrating to the new platform
  • Comprehensive data security along with the migration process

SharePoint helps content, business data, files, and tools to be structured centrally where administrators can share with it easily.

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Best Practices of SharePoint Migration

The below-mentioned best practices can be helpful during the migration process.

  • Always avoid lengthy URLs, the URLs whose maximum URL length is exceeded are tough to maintain. Names should be short and logical.
  • When migration is ongoing do not make any changes neither in destination nor in the source. The entire flow of the migration is disrupted where the destination or source is not the same after migration.
  • Split the data into multiple lists rather than maintaining large lists and libraries. This helps in quick data retrieval.
  • Ensure that you always do pre and post-migration checks.
  • Check for the availability of user accounts in the required destinations.
  • Instead of maintaining nested subsites prefer to maintain a flat structure for subsites.

Critical ladders for a successful migration

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Why Choose Us?

APPS 365 is a renowned SharePoint development company in the UK and has years of all-encompassing experience in servicing the perfect enterprise SharePoint solutions that help enhance extensive, feature-rich association, and custom workflows throughout your organization

  • Quality Services & Solutions

We believe in excellence in whatever we do. To give our clients the best services and solutions, our efforts are well guided by our defined global standards in quality management.

  • On-time Delivery

We believe in on-time delivery of the project. We have successfully delivered; even with tight deadlines and even if it’s on short notice.

  • Secure Development

We ensure end-to-end data security, scalability, and migration to develop flexible cloud-based solutions and applications. We adhere to all the data compliances and data security laws. We deliver secure solutions ensuring a smooth transfer of information, confidential/private or otherwise.

  • Fastest Turnaround Time

With a bouquet of versatile professionals, we promise you the fastest turnaround time.

  • Cutting-edge Technologies and Agile Process

Our domain expertise surpasses all boundaries and we are at the forefront of digital transformation in Web, Mobile, and Cloud technologies. We deliver innovative and intelligent solutions. Our agile process-driven approach ensures effectiveness and competence for the definitive transformation of the business.

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