IT Services

APPS 365 is a continually evolving Software, App Development and IT company born out of a passion to provide as much innovation and technological improvement as possible to our clients. We work to realise the challenges that businesses are meeting today and utilise our strong technology acumen to deliver exclusive and unparalleled solutions. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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Project-Based Assignments

Our existence is all about making your life easier. We work togther with you to define and deliver specifically tailored work packages that are unique to you and your business, helping you streamline your processes and build smarter, more efficient ways of working. From Power Apps, Custom SPFx, Intranets, Project Delivery Systems to custom Dashboards… we have you covered. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Microsoft Technologies

We recognise the opportunities that Microsoft 365 and the Azure cloud platform offer, so we have an in-house custom development capability to help organisations build customised solutions to derive even more benefit from your Microsoft investment. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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Software, Apps & Add-Ins

We offer a wide range of applications to automate your business processes, facilitate smooth communication and provide additional functionality. From Apps to bespoke Add-ins, we have all you need to enhance your environment. Our Microsoft 365 development team can help you to develop – Power Apps, SharePoint SPFx, Intranet, Extranet, Custom Web Parts, Custom Forms, Business Intelligence Dashboards, Enterprise Applications and Power Automate Flows.. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Support and Maintenance

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support. We also offer Office 365 and SharePoint support contracts to get you the help you need to set up, manage, and drive end user adoption for all Microsoft 365 platform features. Whether you decide to fully outsource your IT / Microsoft 365 / SharePoint support, manage it independently or combine your resources with ours, we can tailor a support package to suite your needs. Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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